Older People’s Day 2020 – call for submissions

Older People’s Day unfortunately can’t take place in person at the Broad Street Mall this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, we still think it is really important to commemorate the occasion. This year we are planning on making a video and a leaflet with messages from the organisations that would usually be there giving out information on their services. The finished leaflet and video will be circulated around to as many people we can reach from the older people’s community in Reading and surrounding areas.

We would like to invite you to submit either a short video clip and/or a written message so your organisation can be included in celebrating Older People’s day and help to get your contact information out to people who may need it.

Criteria for video submissions
  • The final video will be around 10-15 minutes long so please try to keep your clip under 1 minute 30 seconds. We may not be able to fit in all the video submissions so it will be on a first come first serve basis for who is chosen to be in the final video. However, any clips which do not fit in this time round will be made into a ‘part 2’ follow up video.
  • We would like you to talk about ‘Who you are’, ‘What you do’ and ‘The experience of your organisation during the Covid 19 pandemic’.
  • If possible please try to keep the clip under 1 minute 30 seconds (remember you can include more detailed information in your written submission).
  • The video can be filmed on any recording device such as a camera or a smart phone, please make sure the video is LANDSCAPE so if you are filming on a phone, remember to turn it sideways.
  • You can be as creative as you like but make sure the person in the video is speaking loudly and clearly, also make sure there is little background noise.
Criteria for written submissions
  • The leaflet will be made up of messages and contact information from all organisations that make a submission.
  • Please include the name of the organisation, a paragraph about what you do and the contact information of your organisation.
  • If you would like, you can also send in a picture of your logo.
  • This can be submitted in email format or on a word document (whichever is easiest for you).
  • The deadline for submissions will be Tuesday 15 September.
  • Please send them to Georgia Rankin from Reading Borough Council – georgia.rankin@reading.gov.uk.