Mums’ Zone: free classes available

Cathy Carr
Primary interest

At Get Berkshire Active we are excited to announce that our new Mums’ Zone free face-to-face and online classes are now underway as part of our pregnancy and postnatal free programme. Please see the attached leaflet for further details.

Mums’ Zone is a holistic health and wellbeing intervention targeting prenatal and postnatal women. It aims to improve mental health and wellbeing by offering a weekly programme of physical activity and health and wellbeing support, messaging and signposting. There are free face-to-face classes on offer at two locations as well as a virtual online offer.

We have A3 posters and A5 flyers that we would be happy to send out to you so please let us know if you would like some of these and the best postal address. You can also download the poster here.

Participants can register for classes using the links below

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.