Me, you and baby too – new tool from OnePlusOne

What is Me, You and Baby Too?

MYBT is an online programme designed to help new and expecting parents cope better with the relationship changes they may experience when a baby arrives. Research tells us that relationship satisfaction is often at its lowest when a couple first become parents. MYBT helps them to develop the skills they need to cope better with stress together, to listen effectively and consider the triggers behind different thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

How will it help you in practitioner work?

“MYBT is a cost effective and agile intervention. It can be accessed easily and independently.” – quote from practitioner using MYBT

Practitioners can use this digital intervention to refer parents to work through on their own or integrate it with other aspects of the existing service and accompany them through the programme step-by-step. The supporting practitioner guide can compliment any previous reducing parental conflict training.

Find out more

On 2 December 2020, 11 am–12:30pm, OnePlusOne are running a Me,You and Baby Too live webinar, available to all practitioners working with new parents, who would like to learn more about the tool and explore how it can support their work.

To reserve a place, please RSVP here.