Loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority groups

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New research published to tackle loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority groups.

A cross-faculty team from the University of Sheffield has collaborated with colleagues from Brunel and De Montfort Universities on a major new project focused on better understanding loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority groups.

Samir Jeraj of the Race Equality Foundation said:

Many of us with a migration story will recognise the findings here.  Perhaps we did not call it loneliness, but the need for steps to address it has been ever present.

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research’s public health research programme (NIHR PHR), the 18-month project aimed to identify successful approaches to reducing loneliness among these social groups.

While loneliness is increasingly recognised as a social problem with significant implications for mental and physical health, research addressing these issues within migrant and ethnic minority groups is limited and there is reason to believe that these populations may face increased risks.

Sarah Salway, Professor of Public Health and chief investigator on the project, remarked:

To our knowledge, this is the first research to examine in detail what we know about tackling loneliness among migrant and ethnic minority people. This was an exciting project in which we worked with members of the public to assess and summarise the existing research evidence. The project was unusual in looking beyond older people to consider loneliness at all ages and life-stages.

Key findings and case studies can be found within this booklet.  The scientific summary is available here (with full project report coming soon).  Read the full article here.

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Please get in touch with Rhiannon at RVA if you would like to talk about taking action on loneliness and social isolation within Reading’s migrant and ethnic minority groups: ready.friends@rva.org uk.