Let BCF know your views on the current funding climate

Author's position
Grants Assistant
Article date
31 January 2019
Primary interest
Funding and Fundraising

Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) want to know what you think about the current funding climate for third sector organisations.

BCF distributes grants, provides advice and raises the profile of local charities and community groups addressing identified need across Berkshire. They want to make sure they understand what fundraising is like on the ground for the groups they support.

They would like your views on how policies have affected the third sector in recent years, with a particular focus on Big Society policy as this was a third-sector focused initiative. This data will be used to feed into a wider report on the impact of recent policy on the third sector and the current funding climate. The report will then be used to inform BCF donors about funding for local groups and how policies have affected groups in Berkshire.

Further information

To have your say, please complete this online survey or email grants@berkshirecf.org to organise a phone interview.