Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – deadline 28 March 2023

Article date
7 March 2022
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

JRCT is keen to support work that responds to the dual harms of the Covid-19 pandemic and systemic racism. Specifically, they wish to encourage work within or across our existing programme areas that scrutinises the responses and policies of powerful institutions and actors, and which envisions and builds support for transformative social change based on justice, peace and sustainability.

What can the funding be used for?

JRCT is interested in funding work which:

  • is about removing problems through radical solutions, and not simply about making problems easier to live with,
  • has a clear sense of objectives, and how to achieve them,
  • is innovative and imaginative,
  • where the grant has a good chance of making a difference.
What are the funding priorities?

JRCT is a responsive grant-making trust. Trustees have agreed on the following priority areas and welcome applications for funds under each of these headings:

  • Peace and Security
  • Power and Accountability
  • Rights and Justice
  • Sustainable Future

JRCT wishes to prioritise support for charitable work on the following issues:

  1. Challenging militarism
  2. Scrutiny of counter-terrorism measures in the context of human rights and peacebuilding
  3. Building support for alternative approaches to defence and security
Who is eligible to apply?

Within JRCT’s areas of interest, the Trust makes grants to a range of organisations and individuals, and you may apply:

  • If your organisation is a registered, excepted or exempt charity based within any of the four jurisdictions of the UK and all of your work fits within the published programmes,
  • If you are based outside the UK and you are registered as a charitable organisation in your local jurisdiction, and the following criteria are also met:
    • your organisation is governed by an unpaid board
    • your organisation is not for profit
    • your organisation’s formal purposes fall within the list of charitable purposes recognised within English law.
When to apply?

The Account registration deadline is 14 March 2023, and the application deadline is 28 March 2023.

How to apply?
  • Please first ensure you meet the criteria to apply and are eligible for funding.
  • If you are eligible, please ensure you carefully read each step before submitting your application.
  • JRCT’s web-based grants management system enables you, via your portal, to Apply for funding.

Further information:

  • Link to fund: Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.
  • If you have a query please contact the office’s funder at 01904 627810 or
  • If you would like further support from RVA with submitting a funding application or any support with governance required for your group to get ready for this funding, please email or telephone 0118 937 2273 for free and independent help and advice.