Independent Age Grants Funds – round 4 closes 9am 18 September 2020

A £2m pot from Independent Age’s funds to help smaller organisations across the UK working with older people hardest hit by the virus.

Who can apply?
  • Registered or exempt charity
  • Have a minimum of two years’ published charity accounts
  • Have at least 3 Trustees
  • Have an annual income of less than £1 Million (averaged over 3 years)
  • The work you are planning to do fits your charitable objectives
  • You are already working with one (or both) of the priority groups of older people they want to support (their priorities – see below)
What are the funding priorities?
  • Older people living in particularly complex and challenging situations e.g. have no family or friends or community to call on, have a disability/long term health condition, are a carer, or other circumstances that make it hard to manage at this time.
  • Older people in danger of being out of sight and out of mind e.g. very isolated, neglected or very poor community, are facing stigma/discrimination, are homeless, in an abusive relationship.
What can you apply for / use the grant for?
  • Apply to receive between £5,000 and £15,000.
  • The costs of re-opening: As restrictions ease across different parts of the UK, face-to face services are gradually re-opening. Provided your work meets the priorities of the Fund, we are happy to help with the costs associated with re-opening to ensure a COVID-safe service but ONLY if your service is exclusively for older people. If you work with other age groups, please ask us to support the direct costs of your targeted work with older people.
  • Buying IT equipment for older people: We have received a lot of applications to help provide IT equipment (mostly tablets or laptops) to older people who meet the priorities of the Fund and do not have access to online services. We will ONLY consider requests for IT equipment if we can be confident that these older people will get good support in learning how to use it and that the costs and feasibility of being online have been considered. If you want to apply for funding for this kind of work, please make sure you deal with these issues in your application.
Is there a deadline?

Yes. 9am 18 September 2020. Please note that you can only apply once. If you have made an application to an earlier round of the Fund, you cannot re-apply.

Further information and support
  • More information and application form
  • Application guidance
  • FAQs
  • If anything is unclear, please email them at They will reply as quickly as they can so as not to hold up your application.
  • You will need to have specific governance in place such as a constitution, accounts, a safeguarding policy, and a well considered budget breakdown. If you require support with this, please contact Herjeet at