“In Kind Direct” provides donated goods to local groups

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Development Officer: Community Involvement
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Funding and Fundraising

In Kind Direct is a national charity that helps organisations get the things they need to support communities. They do this by taking donationsCarer Agnes with a Help Pack of goods from manufacturers and retailers and redistributing them to charities and not for profit organisations. From cleaning products to keep your premises sparkling, to packs of essential toiletries for people in crisis. As organisations only have to pay a processing fee, which works about 20% of the original cost of the items, this can help organisations to save money, reach more people and improve services.

Items are all new and good quality but become surplus because they are short dated, have slight defects in the packaging or branding or are returns. To access goods, your organisation needs to register with In Kind Direct online, which is free. You can then order products via the online catalogue. There is a handling charge applied, which is generally 20% of the original retail price, and includes delivery.

There are already 24 local charities using this service, but with nearly 900 organisations listed on the RVA directory, we believe there is potential for a lot more organisations to benefit. And you don’t have to be a registered charity; social enterprises and community organisations can also join and make use of the service.

To find out more, visit www.inkinddirect.org receive or call 0300 30 20 200