Holiday Activity and Food Programme – open for submissions from providers until 5pm, 18 February 2022

Ciaran Delaney
Author's position
Holiday Activity Fund Coordinator 
Article date
9 February 2022
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

Now that the Christmas holidays and the 2021 HAF provision have concluded, Brighter Futures for Children are looking towards their Easter and 2022 offer. We have £75k in the HAF budget to fund holiday activities over the Easter holiday. We are working on our plans for the Easter break and are inviting organisations to submit bids in the form of a quotation to deliver activity clubs for 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, for one weeks over the Easter holidays.

Below you can download a specification, the quotation submission form and the evaluation methodology for submitting a quote to deliver the holiday activity and food clubs. For those who applied for any of our 2021 HAF funding, the application process is the same.

You can bid for any section within the specification, such as just to work with 5 to 8 year olds etc. We would encourage submissions that demonstrate partnership working between specialist organisations such as holiday club providers and school or event caterers. For 2022 the Department of Education has lowered the age range of those eligible for HAF to four years old who are in reception. This means, we can now fund children between the ages of 4–16.

We’ve listened to feedback from Christmas and have agreed to change our funding model. The model will form a singular grant but instead of only funding places actually attended, we will fund booked places. We hope this will ensure that you will not incur any costs relating to no-shows. In addition, as part of the HAF offer, we ask that you have a plan to deal with any excess food. For example, if you have excess food at one of your camps, we’d ask that you donate it to a local food bank or allow children to take home the extra food. No matter what happens with the food, it will still be funded under the grant. In addition, our payment process is going to change to speed up the process of payment going forward. If you have any questions about the new funding model or need support with excess food please contact Ciaran Delaney, Holiday Activity Fund Coordinator.

One grant has been created that your organisation can apply for:

Grant A: applications are sought from activity providers to offer free places to children (who meet the benefits related FSM criteria) on your regular activity programme.  The grant can cover:

  • The cost of the child’s place
  • The cost of providing healthy meals
  • Administration costs associated with marketing and booking places for FSM eligible children, parental liaison and engagement
Deadline and further information