Health Passports for 14+ people with learning disabilities

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Project Coordinator
Article date
23 April 2019
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Anyone aged 14+ with a learning disability, and living in Reading and West Berkshire, can now fill out a Health Passport. Talkback have offered Health Passports to adults over 18 since 2013, but are extending the scheme to encourage people to start talking about their health sooner,  maintain their wellbeing and live healthier lives.

The scheme offers support for people with learning disabilities needing to use health services and also helps health professionals to meet the needs of everyone. A free personal document is available for anyone living in Reading or West Berkshire aged 14 or older. Filling out the Health Passport and keeping it updated helps people to consider their own health needs, supports independence, and raises awareness of support needs when accessing any medical or health-related appointments.

Further information

To receive a personal copy of the health passport please contact Sue, Yvette or Hayley at Talkback and we will make sure you receive one.