Have your say: Berkshire area pharmacy survey

Nina Crispin
Primary interest

Healthy Dialogues have been commissioned to work in the Berkshire area to understand how you use your local pharmacy. This includes what you use it for, how often do you use your local pharmacy, how far is it for you to get to, is there anything you wish to see within your pharmacy that you don’t currently see?

The results will determine many things such as, if there needs to be new services within your pharmacy, or if new pharmacies need to open closer to where you live.

You can complete an electronic survey which is completely anonymous, and will take no longer than 10 minutes, or take part in a focus group if a survey is not possible.

Please complete this survey and share widely to friends, families, people you work with, colleagues living in Reading. Your views are invaluable. If you have any queries please contact Puja at puja@healthydialogues.co.uk or on 07825 571498.

To access the survey please click on this link: Public Engagement Survey

The survey is open until the end of February 2022.