Have you heard about Joy Marketplace – free online visibility for local voluntary and community organisations (VCOs)?

Rhiannon Stocking-Williams
Primary interest
Voluntary sector
Joy is an online platform that connects people to life-changing local services.  It instantly refers clients to high-quality support on the marketplace of services, which automatically stays up to date.

It’s free for VCOs to join and gives your organisation visibility to the public and to health and wellbeing professionals. You can easily customise your organisation’s public-facing page.

For people needing support
7x – Clients referred through Joy are seven times more likely to attend a service, compared to traditional signposting techniques.  Joy empowers people (who are able to use the internet) to seek out their own support or for a relative or friend, without the need for referrals from professionals.
For health and wellbeing professionals
3.5x – Faster referrals with Joy compared to traditional pathways, average of 5-mins to send a referral, down from 18-mins.

Joy offers embedded referral forms and signposting.
You can choose to be open for referrals if your organisation has the capacity to manage them. You can choose your own referral form, if you prefer that to the Joy one. You can ‘switch off’ referrals at any time.

You can choose to be ‘signpost-only’ where people will find out about your services but you won’t receive a referral.

Joy also offers fast-response technical support, if you need it.

Useful links
  • Sign up to Joy Marketplace HERE
  • Book a live demo with Joy HERE
  • Print out hard copy flyers for VCO professionals HERE
  • E-version of VCO professionals flyer (with links) HERE