Have you completed the Reading Threshold of Need Briefing yet?

Anna Batty
Article date
21 January 2022
Primary interest
Families and Parenting

The Reading Threshold of Need is a document published by the Berkshire West Safeguarding Partnership that sets out children and young people’s levels of need, including risk and protective factors and the appropriate responses and routes into services. The threshold document is for all staff and volunteers working with children, young people and families – whether that’s a few hours a week or full time.

We have a free online briefing that takes people through the threshold of need, support available to those working with children, young people and families and guidance on making a referral to the Children’s Single Point of Access.

Feedback on the training

Over 140 people have now requested access to the training, including Head Teachers, Trustees, Early Years Practitioners, Recovery Workers and SENCOs. Of those who completed the feedback from the briefing, 77% said that their knowledge of the Threshold Briefing document has increased.

  • “I liked the different partners sharing how they are all involved in the safeguarding process. The quiz at the end was also very good.”
  • “I liked that you can stop, pause videos and re listen to ensure you understand what facility is available.”
  • “I found the information about the Brokerage service interesting and it was good to be reminded about the One Reading Partnership Hub.”
There is still time to complete the training

Please email OneReading@brighterfuturesforchildren.org and we will email you with details of the briefing. If you have already completed the training, make sure to complete the feedback form and then we will send your certificate of completion.