Funding available for youth violence intervention – until 29 January 2019

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley was recently successful in a bid for the Home Office Early Intervention Youth Fund. Having identified key elements of delivery from our bid, we are now seeking providers for very specific interventions. The bid for Thames Valley included a number of tiers of intervention, some of which are being delivered by existing providers of, for example, youth services. The interventions that are open for quotes include:

  • Awareness raising theatre production (or similar) on youth violence for every secondary school across the Thames Valley.
  • 24 full days of training for between 700 and 1,000 professionals/practitioners/teachers/youth workers on County Lines, gangs, exploitation, etc (24 days for approx. 40 attendees per day).
  • Knife crime awareness sessions for young people in key hot spot areas across the Thames Valley, reaching at least 1,200 participants.
  • Intensive work (group or 1:1) with young people already involved in crime/gangs/exploitation to reduce their chances of further criminalisation through a targeted programme of work in at least 6 hot spot areas across the Thames Valley (6 programmes).
Further information

If you are interested in providing a quote for any of these pieces of work please email and we will send you the final information on Tuesday 15 January. The request for quotes will be open until noon on 29 January 2019.

Invitations to quote are requested only from organisations who completely fit the request criteria and who can deliver across the Thames Valley force area, within a budget envelope and within the given timescale. Please email if you need more information.

More information about the Home Office’s Early Intervention Youth Fund can be found here.