Find out about the work of Trust House Reading

Trust House Reading provides specialist support to women, men and children living in Thames Valley who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse either recently or in the past. They also support friends and families of survivors. Read on to find out more about their work, including their confidential helpline.

Tell us about the work of Trust House Reading

Our specially trained volunteers are at the very heart of our organisation and help us deliver our vital services for people affected by rape and sexual abuse. Services include: 

  • Specialist one-to-one adult counselling (short, medium and long-term counselling available).
  • Support groups, held in a safe and private environment where survivors are given the opportunity to listen to and support each other.
  • Our listening service (the Trust House Reading helpline).
  • Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) service – trained specialists who provide practical and emotional support and advice to adults who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse. The service is independent of any statutory authority and is provided free of cost.

We also offer specialist support for children and young people aged 4 to 20 years old who have been affected by rape, sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation. Services include:

  • Our Children and Young People Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (CHISVA) service – this provides practical and emotional support for children, young people, parents and family members.
  • One-to-one integrative counselling for young people.
  • Play therapy for children to express their thoughts and feelings through play.
  • Bespoke workshops in a safe and supportive space for children and young people to explore their thoughts and feelings and make sense of their life experiences.

Trust House Reading offers a safe place for those affected by rape and sexual abuse. We seek to empower individuals to work through and beyond their experience of abuse.

How has coronavirus affected your work?

We continue to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse remotely during the current crisis. We have temporarily suspended our face-to-face counselling, ISVA and CHISVA sessions. However, our specially trained counsellors are providing one-to-one counselling sessions over the phone or online through a variety of means to suit our service users, such as Zoom, Skype etc. Our ISVA is providing practical and emotional support and advice to adults over the phone or via Skype. Our CHISVA is also offering online and phone support for under 18s and their parents. Our counselling service for children and young people continues with sessions either online or over the telephone. A limited number of face-to-face sessions are also available in some circumstances. We remain open to referrals for all of our services through our confidential helpline. 

Tell us about your helpline – who is it for and what support does it offer?

Our confidential helpline service is available to victims/survivors of rape and sexual abuse aged 18 or above whether their experience is recent or in the past. Our specially trained volunteers can provide emotional support, referrals to our counselling services and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor services along with signposting to other relevant agencies where appropriate. We can also offer support, information and advice for family, friends and supporters of survivors.

Our helpline is not a counselling service. Our volunteers do not judge and do not push callers to access support they are not ready for. They are there to listen and guide the caller to decide what they want to do in a safe space where the caller is accepted and believed. 

Our helpline is staffed by volunteers so there may be times when someone is not available to answer. However, there is an answer machine where callers can leave their name and contact number and a member of our team will call back as soon as possible.

Things callers need to know:
  • You do not have to give us your name, or you can make one up if you would prefer to.
  • We will not record your call. We will note that a call was received and how long it lasted, along with some other details, but nothing that could identify you.
  • Your phone number will not show up on our phones.
  • Our number will show on your phone bill or on your mobile phone log.
  • Calls to our helpline number are not free, they will be charged at your standard network rate.

Confidential helpline: 0118 958 4033

If professionals want to refer someone to one of your services, what’s the process?