Film Showing for Humanity and Solidarity

Primary interest
Refugees and Asylum seekers

The 3 October marked the sixth anniversary of what is remembered as one of the most serious tragedies in the Mediterranean: a boat carrying over 500 people sank when it was just a few hundred miles from the coast of Lampedusa, Italy. 368 people (including children, women and men) lost their lives. The No More Bricks in the Wall campaign encourages people to share in the message of humanity and solidarity.

RISC is working with other development education centres across the UK to campaign for the recognition of this day with a series of events in London on 3 October, and workshops and film screenings all over the UK, before and after. Alongside events across the UK, RISC is asking people to join them in signing a petition to make 3 October the European Day of Memory and Welcome.

RISC joins organisations in over 29 cities across Europe to campaign to make 3 October European Day of Memory and Welcome.

Film Showing: To the Four Winds
  • Thursday 17 October 7.30pm
  • RISC, 35-39 London Street, RG1 4PS
  • Dir: Michel Toesca Winner: Golden Eye, Cannes Film Festival 2018
    Farmer Cédric Herrou has been welcoming migrants to his home turning his backyard into a much-needed shelter. With the help of friends and volunteers, he challenges French immigration policies which make it impossible for families to set foot in France and seek asylum. Filmed during 3 years by documentary maker Michel Toesca, this everyday hero will do anything to help them, even risking his own freedom.