Experiences of Early Help Services in Reading – family survey

The One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership are taking part in a national survey looking at Early Help services in Reading.

‘Early Help’ means support or services to help early in the life of a child and/or in the life of a difficulty. The One Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership Board would like to invite families who have had Early Help support to share experiences. This means a family might have worked with a Family Worker, Mentor, School SENCO or Health Visitor as well as services and support from other agencies.  Some examples of these services can be found in this booklet. Families may find it useful to view the booklet before completing the survey.

Please share the survey with families

We would be grateful if you could share this survey with families who may wish to complete it. Feedback will help us improve Early Help services for local families.

Experiences can be shared anonymously by completing this form.