Encouraging open discussion – National Safeguarding Week 2019

It’s National Safeguarding Week from 18 – 22 November 2019 and the theme this year is encouraging open discussion in order to keep adults safe from harm. Safeguarding adults is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation, including volunteers, staff and trustees. True open discussion throughout the organisation means we can get safeguarding right. National Safeguarding Week is a chance to get these conversations going in your organisation.

How your organisation can get involved?

Throughout National Safeguarding Week we will be sharing daily resources from the Ann Craft Trust. These practical resources will be themed each day on the following topics and we will share these via our twitter page @rva_news.

  • Monday: Modern Slavery
  • Tuesday: Self Neglect
  • Wednesday: Domestic Abuse
  • Thursday: My role in Safeguarding
  •  Friday: Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity

You may wish to have a dedicated session during National Safeguarding Week for your volunteers and staff to look at one or more of these topics and how you can be more aware of this in your service delivery. The resources include case studies and videos to generate conversations.

Further resources