Covid-19 Community-led Organisations Recovery Scheme

Article date
30 July 2020
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

The Covid-19 Community-Led Organisations Recovery Scheme will offer grants up to £100,000 to community organisations in England who are facing financial difficulties caused by Covid-19.

They are prioritising:
  • Multi purpose organisations
  • BAME led or BAME supporting organisations
Funding may be used to:
  • help people and communities experiencing disproportionate challenge and difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 crisis;
  • provide services and support for vulnerable people, for which there will be increased demand as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.
Who can apply:

The scheme is aimed at organisations delivering services in their local community to support people who are at high risk from Covid-19, with an emphasis on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)-led or BAME-supporting businesses. In particular:

  • Your organisation must operate in England at a local or neighbourhood level
  • Your organisation is incorporated or if unincorporated, must have a constitution and bank account. You might be a registered charities, CIC, constituted not for profit group.
  • The funding must support charitable purposes e.g. relief of poverty, advancement of environmental protection, relief of unemployment, promotion of social inclusion. NB: the funding not available for advancing religion, but faith groups can apply so long as they are applying under another charitable purpose.
  • Must be for the public benefit: i.e. there must be benefits for a sufficient section of the community including people who are experiencing disadvantage.
  • Community led: organisations are accountable to the communities they serve. This can be demonstrated in many ways (e.g. membership structure, ownership, broad range of local trustees) but you must have evidence of regular community input into decision making.
  • Your organisation was in a stable position before Covid-19, i.e. you were previously able to meet your debts when they fell due.
How much can you apply for?

Grants of up to £100,000 (however see their expected grant size guidance depending on your usual income. Unincorporated groups can apply for a maximum of £10,000).

What can you use the grant for?

This funding is intended to cover the essential costs of sustaining current services or new services to address COVID-19 related needs.It is essential that the grant is spent on wholly charitable activities, purposes or outcomes.

The grant can be spent on revenue and / or capital costs but must be spent by 19 April 2021.

Revenue costs:

  • Contribution to staff salaries
  • Project (specific to this fund) related expenses
  • Running costs/overheads (due to loss of income or new activities)
  • Training and development (Staff or Volunteers) directly related to the Project (specific to this fund)
  • Measures to ensure social distancing

Capital costs:

  • New/ improved systems (for example, itemised software purchases)
  • Small equipment (itemised)
  • Small refurbishments/ adaptions needed for social distancing measures
How to apply

There are 3 rounds of funding with the following deadlines:

Round One – Tuesday 28 July, 10am-1pm

Round Two – Tuesday 4 August, 10am-1pm

Round Three – Tuesday 11 August, 10am1pm

Each round has a very short application window and must be submitted by 1pm on the relevant date. You can read the questions in advance in the guidance linked below and prepare your answers in advance of the deadline.

Please note that for each round there are three stages to the application. This is explained more in the guidance linked below.

Full guidance

Video recording with more information

Apply online here

Further support

If you fit the criteria above and would like further support with applying, please contact Herjeet on