#Coping guides for children, young people and families

#Coping is a new guide offering support to families struggling during the coronavirus lockdown

It has been produced by a group of leading local health and social care organisations and it signposts people to a range of information, and to groups in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire who are experts in dealing with mental health, anxiety, stress, self care, wellbeing and sleep issues. The guide is being distributed via schools, the NHS, local authorities, and voluntary and community organisations and via the Berkshire West Safeguarding Children Partnership’s website.

The unprecedented nature of coronavirus, and the sudden and massive impact it has had on people’s everyday life, has thrown up big challenges for most people. Feedback from a range of agencies shows parents and carers are finding their changed circumstances particularly challenging. They are often trying to deal with the impact coronavirus has had on employment and finances, as well as coping with concerns about their family’s health, and the uncertainty about how long the pandemic will last. Added to that are the problems posed by children off school for lengthy periods and unable to get out and meet their friends.

Katrina Anderson, Director of Joint Commissioning at Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

The last few weeks of lockdown have been really hard for a lot of people, especially families who’ve found themselves having to reassure their children about what is going on, often when the parents themselves don’t really have the answers.


All this, coupled with the usual stresses and strains of everyday family life, can cause a lot of stress and uncertainty for everyone. This guide is an easy to access list of the key agencies both nationally and locally, who can offer much needed support and advice.

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