Community groups – have your say on Berkshire West health and wellbeing strategy – deadline 7 August 2020

Primary interest
Voluntary sector

A Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is being developed for Berkshire West. This will be a 10- year strategy and will set the direction for council and health services over this time period.

West Berkshire Council are keen to hear from vulnerable and hard to reach groups in order to gain a broad idea of what is important to people in terms of their health and wellbeing. This will help to influence the development of the priorities.

They are asking people to either complete the survey themselves on behalf of a group that they represent (if they understand the needs of that group), or use the survey as a tool to have some conversations with vulnerable people and then collate together the responses. Or alternatively the survey link can be sent out directly to people in the communities:

NB: short deadline of 7 August 2020.