Charity Finances 101 – online self-paced course – reduced price offer

Article date
10 September 2020
Primary interest
Voluntary sector
Take control of your charity’s finances (even if you want to run a mile)

Our training partner, Holy Brook Associates are launching a new self-paced online course for charity trustees who would like to take control of their finances and spread the learning over a period of time online. This course is a more general finance course and not just for treasurers. (If you are looking for charity treasurer training, please see links below.)

The course will officially launch in October. However they are also looking for a small group of enthusiastic people to trial the programme at a reduced rate of £45 and one-to-one additional support in exchange for feedback on the programme.

To be eligible to take part in the test group, you will need to meet the following criteria:
  • Be a current not for profit trustee, manager or volunteer.
  • Be relatively inexperienced around the finances and needing a confidence boost.
  • Be willing to offer feedback and share their experiences.

The standard course will then commence in October.

Find out more and apply online here, or contact for more information.

Alternative online short finance courses this autumn

RVA has also commissioned Rachel Eden of Holy Brook Associates to deliver the following online training courses this autumn, if you are looking for a shorter, one-off course: