Celebrating Ready Friends Toolkit’s 1st birthday with 3 new pages

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Ready Friends Coordinator
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The Ready Friends Toolkit is now one year old – how time flies!

Thank you to everyone who has helped to get the toolkit out into communities over the past 12 months and to  people facing loneliness and social isolation. It is now more relevant than ever. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve added three new sections to the Ready Friends Toolkit:

If you are feeling lonely, there are lots of online and telephone activities that you can join in live, with other people who may share your interests and current challenges. Some are national charities and organisations, but you can also find local community groups offering ways you can ‘meet up’ with other people from your home.

The sound of another voice may soothe and relax, even if it isn’t live. Most of us have access to the radio and TV, which can offer a welcome on-tap connection to the outside world when we need it. If you have internet access, another resource that can be calming, fascinating and take you into a completely different space is the world of podcasts and audiobooks.

We are working on more updates to the toolkit to reflect the changed circumstances we all find ourselves in due to the coronavirus pandemic. We welcome ideas, information and suggestions from you to help us develop it.

To get in touch please send a message to ready.friends@rva.org.uk.