Calling all trustees and managers: how can we help you?

Herjeet Randhawa
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RVA Advice Worker
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Voluntary sector
First of all, a big thank you to all those involved in social action in Reading!

Not only those kindly volunteering on the front line, but also everyone behind the scenes: trustees, managers, ‘office’ staff, volunteer managers, fundraisers, treasurers, bookkeepers and more. We might not be able to see you in your home offices, but we know you’re there providing invaluable support, skills and experience to Reading’s charities.

It has been quite the month and the landscape has shifted very quickly. This week saw the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme go live for applications, which will be a relief for some charities (see our previous article here for those who receive public funding). We are also starting to see more funding for the sector. Your trustee board will have been meeting more regularly and our Advice Service has been dealing with legal and governance queries both about the immediate situation and the future impact.

It’s not always easy to make decisions in a crisis, but taking a measured step back to appraise the situation and reassess objectives, whilst remembering your organisation’s values and charitable objectives, will go a long way; as well as communicating with your team and seeking support and advice when you need it. You’re not alone.

How can we help you over the next 6 months?

Now that we’re all past the first month of lockdown and the immediate pressing issues, we would like to look a bit further ahead at the next 6 months and hear from you about what support you would like in your trustee or manager role. As always, this can take the form of one-to-one sessions, group sessions, or wider training. We’ll provide these based on the answers we receive from you, so do let us know.

Complete the survey (10 minutes max – grab a coffee too!)


If you have any other governance or legal questions, feel free to contact me at and I’d be happy to arrange a telephone or video call with you. Thanks again for everything you’re doing for your beneficiaries, staff and volunteers!