Buttle UK – Chances for Children grants

Buttle UK’s Chances for Children grants can provide an enhanced package of support for children and young people dealing with a variety of issues ranging from, but not limited to: kinship care arrangements, domestic abuse, estrangement, physical and mental ill health, and substance abuse.

Who can they help?

This scheme is for children experiencing lasting emotional, social or educational difficulties due to domestic abuse. If their only need is to establish a home an application can be made to the General Grants scheme here. To be considered for enhanced support applicants must be:

  • Children aged 18 or under living with parent(s) or carer(s) or young people aged 20 and under who have recently experienced domestic abuse and are in the rehousing or post-housing stages.
  • In financial hardship.
  • Receiving on-going, regular support from a professional organisation.
  • Normally resident in the UK with the intention to remain in the country long term.
  • Applicants must have ensured that every effort has been made to check that a statutory, education or governmental body cannot fund the activity or item being requested.

Applicants must have already exhausted all other sources of public funds for which they are eligible, including their Local Authority’s Welfare Provision Scheme.

What can they help with?
  • Emotional and social needs: for example, therapy – such as art therapy or play therapy; after-school clubs to help them integrate into a community or build relationships with their peers, activities that allow a child to express themselves; for example drama or art clubs.
  • Household needs: for example, essential home furniture such as a cooker or a child’s bed, items to decorate or personalise a child’s bedroom, clothing and school or work uniform, toys and baby equipment, help with moving costs.
  • Educational needs: for example, educational supplies such as laptops, stationery and equipment; books and educational toys, school uniforms; tutoring lesson, homework club; tools and technical equipment, travel costs to and from college.
Is there a deadline?

Applications can me made at any time.

Making an application

Applications must be completed by an organisation that is supporting the family or young person and is capable of assessing their needs. The referrer should also be able to administer and supervise the grant on Buttle UK’s behalf – read more and make an application here.