Building Respectful Families project – breaking the pattern of Child to Parent violence

The Building Respectful Families Project responds to the issue of Child to Parent Violence. It aims to break the patterns of violence and abusive behaviour to parent(s) in the home environment. The programme is for parents and young people who are willing to make changes in how they communicate to each other to improve home life. It is based on Restorative Approaches and aims to help families find a healthy way of communicating to equip them to build a stronger relationship for the future.

The programme offers a 10-week programme which the parent(s) and young person (11-18) attend in separate groups. The families are able to feel safe in the groups and find strategies to ensure a non-abusive and non-violent future. Film is used to create conversation between parent and young person. They are able to talk about issues in a safe space.

The Building Respectful Families Project also offers one-to-one support for young people, parents and children age 8-10. We are now offering support across the Thames Valley.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our support for families is only being provided through remote means. We are providing support to families via telephone, text message, email and via online video conferencing platforms. As an organisation, SAFE! is regularly reviewing our work practices, in line with government guidance.

Find out more or make a referral

If you want to discuss the Building Respectful Families Project in more detail, or talk about whether a family may be appropriate for the project before making a referral, please contact the Team via or