Asda Foundation Investing in Spaces and Places Grant- stage 1 applications open until 9 January 2022

Article date
1 December 2021
Primary interest
Voluntary sector


The Asda Foundation will be supporting communities across the UK with an investment to help groups improve these spaces through this brand-new grant. .

The first round of Investing in Spaces and Places Grants launch in October 2021 and will be awarded in June 2022. There is a limited funding allocation for each Asda region.

Who can apply:

Asda Foundation will support: local, grass roots, community led organisations.

Groups can be considered for an Investing in Spaces and Places Grant if they meet the criteria below.

Key Criteria:
  1. Groups applying must be not for profit,
  2. The end beneficiaries must be people within the local community,
  3. Group must have a presence in the local community around Asda stores and its work must benefit that local community,
  4. The space and/or place requiring funding is used by multiple groups, regularly,
  5. Groups must have an existing relationship with their local Asda store,
What are the funder priorities:

They are looking for the following common factors in all the organisations they fund:

  • True to their community mission:
    Organisations which are clear on what they aim to achieve and consistently strive towards achieving it.
  • People Centred: 
    They are people focused and place individuals at the heart of what they do and why they do it. They promote equality, inclusivity, and diversity.
  • Efficiently Run
    A well run and organised group who have processes in place to comply with not-for-profit requirements and have the skills and ability to do what they aim to achieve.
  • Local Focused
    The space is focused on the local community, delivering services and support to multiple beneficiaries and tackle the needs locally adapting to change to remain relevant.
What can be applied for:

The group who want to apply, needs to own or lease the land/premises and it must be located within the community that the group is based.
There are three options within this grant, groups can apply for one option or a mixture of all three:

  1. Building Repairs
  2. Building Improvement/Development
  3. Outdoor Improvement/Development

For all three options, costs can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Materials
  • Tradespeople to undertake the work
  • Equipment purchases and/or equipment rental
How it works – application process:

The application process is very different to other Asda Foundation grant streams and activity as this is an Asda Regions funding opportunity, rather than an individual store opportunity.

Their are five stages:

  • Stage 1 (October/November/December) – conversations between community colleagues and local groups about higher value needs/projects. Projects will be discussed as a region and Eligibility Questionnaires submitted by Community Champions by 09/01/2022 (Closed).
  • Stage 2 (January 2022) – Asda Foundation will assess all nominations and create a shortlist.
  • Stage 3 (February 2022) – Regional Team Meetings will be held to vote on the projects making it through to the final stage.
  • Stage 4 (March-April 2022)– Final shortlisted groups invited to complete full application.
  • Stage 5 (June 2022) – Successful groups notified, and grants sent.
How much can you apply for:

• Asda Foundation will only part-fund a project, we’re not able to fully fund a project,
• Groups must raise at least 50% of the total project cost from other sources,
• We will not support applications which include loans to cover remaining project costs,
• Groups may apply for funding between £5,000 and £25,000.

Is there a deadline:

The stage1 fund is now open for applications and projects will be discussed as a region and Eligibility Questionnaires submitted by Community Champions by 09/01/2022.


Further information and how to apply:

If you have a project in mind that could benefit from a higher value grant and you meet all the criteria outlined above, you are welcome to contact your local Community Champion to discuss your project.
You can use Asda How To Apply link. and read the guidance fully in  full Group Guidance

Support for your group from RVA:

If you would like support with understanding how to complete an application for funding, please get in touch with Herjeet Randhawa, RVA Advice Service Manager at or telephone 0118 937 2273 for free and independent support and advice.