Adopting an equitable approach in responding to coronavirus

Article date
23 April 2020

A number of national articles this week have highlighted the importance, more than ever, of applying an equitable approach when we as a sector, and across sectors, are responding to the needs of individuals and communities arising from the impact of coronavirus. Inequity is not a new concept in our society and addressing this is the bedrock of charities and community groups. It goes without saying that communities will know better than anyone else the needs that are presenting or increasing as a result of the current pandemic.

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Below are a couple of articles for your coffee break, or as a precursor to your next trustee or team meeting. Lots of food for thought here, and very helpful when taking that all important step back, to appraise how we are supporting those most at risk at this time. In particular, we found these words from NCVO powerful:

Our sector has a vital role to play in addressing these issues, but this needs to go beyond highlighting or meeting need. We need to disrupt the power imbalance that causes them. Charity So White have developed five guiding principles to help organisations do this… [including] Acknowledge the power you hold, don’t distance yourselves from it: it’s hard in the current crisis to recognise the power we have in ourselves, in our organisations and our sector. But it’s important we use the power we do have to tackle inequality, as well as make room for emerging groups and organisations.

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Equally Ours are also engaging in policy work around inequality due to the impact of coronavirus and you can read more from them here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you are applying this in your charity. If you’d like to share your approach or receive additional support for adopting an equitable approach to decision-making in a crisis, feel free to get in touch with us at


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