Befriender Match – Swimming!

Befriending / Visiting volunteer needed for ENRYCH Berkshire

Our volunteers support and enable people with a physical disability to take up, or return to, a hobby, interest, sporting activity or learning opportunity which they cannot do without some help or support. This support is mainly about giving confidence, understanding and emotional support to bring colour to our members’ lives.

We are looking for everyday folk who might have a few free hours each week to share an interest with someone with a disability. That hobby you’ve had for years might be just the thing that one of our Members is looking for. You never know – volunteering might actually add some unexpected colour to your life too!

This interesting and independent woman had a stroke about 10 years ago but has worked very hard to regain her mobility. She has learned to write with her other hand since the stroke. She has been a missionary and midwife in various parts of the globe.
She loves swimming and is looking for a volunteer with a car to take her to the baths and to swim with.

She needs a volunteer with a car to go swimming with. She needs a little help with getting her shoes back on after swimming

Interests – Swimming, Nature, Wildlife, Bird-watching, Gardening, Church and Scrabble.

Timing – Preferably a Tuesday afternoon if possible.

General Location – Central Reading

Interested but want to know a little more about what being a volunteer is like? Read about Maria’s volunteering experience HERE

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Volunteer Co-ordinator
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Contact instructions?
Monday to Wednesday

Location description
Central Reading
Wheelchair accessible?
Not specified
Car parking for the volunteer?
Not specified
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Not specified
Near public transport?
Not specified
How much time?
A few hours a week
What times and days of the week?
Tue PM
Availability required
Any of these times
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ENRYCH Berkshire asks that Volunteers be able to commit a few hours each week. These hours will be agreed between you and the ENRYCH Berkshire Member, meaning that the partnership can work at a time that suits you both.
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Befriending / Visiting
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Good sense of humourSociablePatientSupportiveWants to get out and aboutEmotionally robustPhysically fit
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As appropriate
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The Volunteer Co-ordinator supports all volunteers and members
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Opportunity added on
7 August 2018