Your Options Berkshire

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Your Options Berkshire helps you to find voluntary organisations that offer a wide range of services and activities aiming to promote and improve health for local communities. The website contains a wealth of information for people looking for support or activities for themselves, family or friends; for those who are interested in finding out what other voluntary organisations are doing with a view to working together; and for health practitioners looking for support for a patient.

You can find out about providers under four categories:

  • Lifestyle and nutrition – supporting gentle exercise, more active sports, growing your own food, cooking healthily on a budget, addiction issues….
  • Family and children – advice and support for parents with babies and young children, activities to help children develop socially and emotionally…
  • Health challenges – advice and support for people living with a long-term health condition or learning disability, and their carers…
  • Reaching communities – support for people who may be disadvantaged because they cannot access, or do not know about, essential health services…

Your Options Berkshire aims include all local voluntary sector providers which are making a difference to health and well-being locally.

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