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Act as clerk to the trustees of this charity providing education for social and environmental justice

Coordination / Projects volunteers needed for Green Economics Institute Trust

We are a small charity, registered with the Charity Commission, providing education for social and environmental justice to the general public and also education for Green Economics and Reform of Economics. We are now in the position of needing voluntary assistance with trust documentation administration.

As clerk to the trustees you will be well organised, have good communication skills, both written and verbal, and be comfortable and familiar with ICT, for example: Word, Open Office, PDF and ideally WordPress.

Experience in a similar role and an understanding of the Charity Commission Clerical and compliance requirements, as laid down in the regulations, is required including a working knowledge of GDPR.

The role of the Clerk is also to prepare a small number of documents as specified below and also to advise Trustees about the Charity Commission regulations with regard to administration to ensure compliance is always maintained.
You will have an administrative and advisory function to the trust:
You will:

  • Prepare and submit the Annual Return to the Charity Commission,prepare and submit the Annual Report to the Charity Commission after sign off by the trustees and which they will write.
  • Enter the records where necessary on the charity commission website in agreement with the Trustees.
  • Keep records of who the Trustees are, past and present and compliant under GDPR and The Charities Commission. Enter this information on the Charity Commission website, the Trusts’ own website- and the Annual Report and Accounts where required.
  • Keep the Charity’s policies up to date, advise on their compliancy and ensure they are uploaded to the Charity Commission website.

You will ensure and advise:

  • Ensure accounts are submitted on time after sign off by the trustees
  • Ensure the Charity’s own website continues to be compliant for the Charity Commission and advise The Trustees of any changes that need to be made.
  • Ensure the trust is insured and manage the renewal and ensure it is up to date.
    Ensure all Trustees documentation is compliant and is maintained.
  • Ensure at all times that the activities and meetings of the Trust and Trustees are compliant with the founding Deed and current charity law and provide advice to the Trustees.

You will mainly volunteer from home. We estimate this role will need the equivalent of one day’s voluntary work a month, including:

  • Attending our Charity Business Meetings which take place for 45 minutes per month every first Monday on line
  • Attending a meeting per year
  • Attending a summer meeting usually midsummer in the UK, 45 minutes formally and this can be on line or in person.

In 2020 it will all be on line. Expenses incured for the volunteering may be provided by prior written agreement.

Contact person firstname
Miriam Kennet, Chair of Trustees
Contact person's position
0799 059 0463
Contact instructions?
Please send CV and short cover letter

Location description
Online in 2020, working mainly from home
Wheelchair accessible?
Not specified
Car parking for the volunteer?
Not specified
Secure bicycle parking?
Not specified
Near public transport?
Not specified
How much time?
A few hours a week
What times and days of the week?
Availability required
Any of these times
Task type?
Coordination / Projects
Will suit someone like this:
Enjoys variety and changeSelf organised/motivatedHappy to work soloAnalytical thinkingPrecise and methodicalSupportive
Post suitable for supported volunteering?
Is training given?
Training description
On the job initially, subsequent as required and deemed necessary
Is support given?
Description of support
From chair and other trustees
Are expenses paid?
Description of expenses
Only after prior agreement, any travel when required
Will I need my own transportation?
Will the volunteer be CRB or DBS checked?
Are references required?
Will there be an interview?
Are they properly insured?
Minimum age
Do they need a specific gender?
How many volunteers needed?