Tilehurst Poor’s Land Charity

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The purpose of this long-established Charity is to provide financial grants to those in need, hardship or distress who live in the ancient Parish of Tilehurst, in other words living in Tilehurst Holybrook Theale or West Reading. As the name suggests, the Charity owns land, some of which has been sold and the proceeds invested, so that the Charity’s income comes from both investments and rents.

Each year we provide around £12,000 to help about 90 applicants. There is no typical applicant, but many live on State Benefits, and may have just been housed by the Council in empty accommodation, with no furniture, carpets or electrical goods. Many applications are from single-parent families who have no support from the other parent and find themselves with an urgent need to replace a cooker or a washing machine, or to buy uniform when a child goes to a new school. Others include small grants toward the cost of further education or retraining.

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Voluntary organisation
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Grants and Giving
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West Reading
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