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Get Involved Reading is a campaign focused on supporting as many people as possible to participate in all elements of community life. Over the coming year, the campaign will raise the profile of the many varied and exciting ways in which people can get involved; from festivals and street parties to local campaigns and having your say on key issues.

The campaign is supported by a fund of 15,000 pounds to develop initiatives that share these aims. There is no formal grants process for the money, but an open discussion to involve as many people as possible in shaping and strengthening Reading’s communities. There will be a workshop on Saturday 3 November that everyone is welcome to attend. It will be a chance to look at the priorities in Reading around strengthening a sense of community, and identifying projects that will meet the aims of
-Getting more people involved in the local community
-Ensuring everyone can participate in community life
-Raising the profile of community activities thats going on
-Supporting initiatives that are focused on getting people involved
-Seeking ways to collaborate to engage more people in what we do

Everyone is encouraged to make suggestions through the Facebook page, on Twitter or by email to If you have any thoughts, even if you don’t think you’re the person to take the idea forward, we want to hear from you.

No matter how ambitious or how small your idea is, whether you think it needs a small fortune or no money at all to implement, let’s hear about it and start talking about what we can achieve together to get as many people as possible contributing to community life in Reading.

The projects don’t have to be completely new. If you know of something going on that could benefit from a boost, that’s ok too.

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Planning and Development
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Community development
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Reading Voluntary Action
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