Children Heard and Seen

Children Heard and Seen, is a charity that works to mitigate the effects of parental imprisonment on children, young people and their families. We aim to provide quality services for children with a family member in prison.
We are committed to identifying and supporting children and ensure that neither they or their families are discriminated against because a member of their family has been imprisoned. We aim to work in partnership with parents to help us better understand how services such as Children Heard and Seen can help them, their children and their family.
At present we offer targeted support for children and young people. This can be delivered via group work or on an individual basis. We have group activity days on a monthly basis which is a great opportunity for children to meet other children and also our volunteers. Our mentoring programme allows for more targeted one-to-one provision.
Along with this we will be offering parenting support groups to facilitate positive change for their children with a view to reducing intergenerational cycles of behaviour.

Type of organisation
Voluntary organisation
Primary interest
Crime and Offending
Main activity
Community safety
Area of activity
South East Region
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RVA member
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PO Box 1589
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