Equipment Manager – closing date 29 April 2017

The Samaritans are looking for a reliable person who is familiar with outdoor equipment and local to the Reading area, to manage the Festival Branch equipment store.

The Equipment Manager’s main responsibilities are:

  • maintaining the Branch’s store of outdoor equipment
  • replenishing consumable items throughout the busiest season, usually mid June to mid September
  • assisting the festival teams in loading and unloading their equipment before and after each event (loading tends to be June – September)
  • maintaining good communications with the branch leadership team and flagging up any equipment issues.

The branch pays £3,000 per year in four quarterly payments. The Equipment Manager can also claim expenses and has access to a float so that they are not out of pocket when replenishing consumable items during the events season. Volunteers also assist the Equipment Manager in maintaining the equipment throughout the year.

The ideal candidate must be able to:

  • assist loading and unloading of equipment about 20 times per year during the working week
  • spend 3 weekends per year on equipment maintenance (with the assistance of volunteers)
  • replenish camping gas and other consumables during the festival season.
Address Line 1
59a Cholmeley Rd
Contract type
Temporary, Contract, or Project
Greater Reading
£3,000 per year
Matthew Neave, Equipment Manager
07764 186577
Reference number for post
How to apply

Please send an email to explaining why you would be suited to the role. Please include information on whether you are local to the Reading area and whether you have your own transport.

Open for applications from
1 April 2017
Closing date for applications
29 April 2017
Will my application be acknowledged?
All applicants, successful or otherwise, can expect to receive a reply from us in due course