Treesisters Workshop in Reading

Thursday 13 June 2019
A one day in person event aimed at women who would like to take an active role in creating a local TreeSisters women’s circle.
About this Event

Would you like to be in a local women’s circle that nourishes the women who are in it, and also extends its care to the restoration and regeneration of the wider natural world?

Would you be willing to help create such a circle and become a TreeSisters Grove Tender?

TreeSisters is delighted to share that we are offering one day in person events across the UK between May and July for women who would like to take an active role in creating a local TreeSisters women’s circle.

“During this pivotal time on Earth, when it is crucial to our and so many other species survival that we learn to live in more harmony, women coming together in Nature-based circles gives us the support and strength we need.” ~ Ellen Star from the Tree Grove

These one day events are aimed at women who are willing to gift their time and energy towards creating a local TreeSisters Grove and will be both practical and experiential offering you;

~ An introduction to TreeSisters and The Groves project

~ A direct experience of being in a women’s circle and an overview of the role of women’s circles at this point in time

~ A supported exploration into how you would like to create your own local circle with clear next steps beyond the one day event

~ After the event you will be able to join our online community of Grove Tenders and receive ongoing support and resources to accompany you as a Grove Tender.

“Entering and tending a grove is a sacred action.” ~ Ruthee Grove Tender from the US

The workshops will be on a donation basis to keep them accessible to all women, we will ask you for £20 at the time of booking to secure your place and ensure that those booked on will take up their place.

(Each one day events will cost TreeSisters in the region of £500 to offer so it would be great to cover costs and direct any profit to our planting partners)

Once at the day you can decide what proportion of your donation or more that you would like to donate towards the trees. If this charge precludes you from attending please get in touch with Jenny at

Any further questions please email

“In a circle of women I feel supported, powerful, loved, connected, silly, truthful, willing to share and lead, I feel free, I feel safe… ” ~ Leah TreeSister from Maine, US

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13 June 2019
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Eye and Dunsden Village Hall
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Dunsden Green
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