Recognising Autism – online talk

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Autism is a common, but invisible, condition which is why the prevalence in society is not widely recognised. Most autistic adults are undiagnosed and many have no idea they are autistic. Myths and misunderstandings abound and often get in the way of autism being identified and understood.
This talk explores some of the ways in which autistic people think, feel and experience the world. It will help you better understand your autistic friends, family, employees, colleagues or volunteers and as an added bonus be more aware of your own thought processes.

The talk covers
  • what is autism?
  • the prevalence of autism and who it affects
  • how autism affects people
  • personal stories
  • questions and answers
The Speaker

Caroline Hearst trained as an art psychotherapist and achieved a diagnosis of autism in adulthood after years of personal therapy. She uses these experiences and her extensive knowledge of autism to offer enjoyable and informative talks and training aimed at increasing understanding and acceptance of autism.

The talk is provided by Angel which is a community interest company run by and for autistic adults to grow autistic community.

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24 June 2020
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7:00 pm
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8:00 pm
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