Listening skills for community organising

Friday 22 November 2019
What is community organising?

When communities work together, the possibilities for positive change are endless! Community organising is the work of bringing people together to take action around their common concerns and overcome social injustice. Community organisers reach out and listen, connect and motivate people to build their collective power. When people are organised, communities get heard and power begins to shift creating real change for good.

This interactive, quality-assured course will help you to develop the skills and confidence to start listening to people to build relationships and activate people as part of a community organising strategy. Listening to people is the foundation of community organising because it builds trust and relationships, uncover issues and is an essential starting point for bringing people together to share stories, ideas and action. The course will focus on:

  • ‘relational’ listening and its importance in community organising
  • how to plan a listening campaign to kick-start your organising work
  • practical listening tools you can use to engage people, build relationships and find leaders
  • how asking powerful questions helps people to tell their stories
  • how community organisers reflect to improve their work.
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22 November 2019
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9.30 am
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5 pm
Gemma Matthews
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Beech Hill Memorial Hall
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Wood Lane,
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Beech Hill
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