Health Equalities: ‘Filling The Gaps’

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Health for all is key to the health and wealth of our communities. However, it is now also generally recognised that there are many health inequalities in UK for many reasons including (but not limited to):
• where you live
• the racial group you belong to
• your gender
• your social class.
The common denominator linking all these factors is often poverty.

Poor life chances often lead to poor education, employment and housing opportunities, leading to increasing chances of illness and disease. The fact is, whatever happens to the least of us has an impact to all of us.

It is everybody’s business to ensure that the wellbeing of our communities is on top of our agenda—this is what voluntary groups and organisations do very well despite the limited resources and it is therefore imperative that they are well engaged by the mainstream services.

Please join the communities and the mainstream health and social services at the Council Chambers as they showcase how they are ‘Filling the Gaps’ towards health equalities.

Thanks to Alliance For Cohesion & Racial Equality, Utulivu Women, Women of Vision, Berkshire Health Foundation Trust, Reading Borough Council and other grass root community groups for initiating and supporting this event. For registration, please contact,;;; 01189510279.

Type of event
Meeting / Talk / Presentation
Event theme
Event date
28 March 2018
Start time
10.00 am
End time
3.00 pm
Esther Oenga
Address line 1
Council Chamber, Civic Centre
Line 2
Bridge Street
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