Autism and ageing – a talk

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Although autistic people grow older, autistic ageing is barely recognised by society, policy makers, or by statutory services for older adults. How does invisibility impact on our lives and how can we keep ourselves well? The talk covers:

  • The impact of invisibility
  • Ageing and health
  • Keeping well and lockdown ideas
  • Communication and social stresses
  • Q&A

The speaker

Cos Michael got her autism diagnosis aged 50 and advocates for more knowledge about autism and ageing. She spent several years leading NAS Autism and Ageing projects, and now works as an autism and ageing consultant and trainer. Cos speaks at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Type of event
Meeting / Talk / Presentation
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Event date
15 December 2020
Start time
7:00 pm
End time
8.00 pm
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