What a load of old rubbish! News from the Community Building Network.

Members of the network gathered in the Quaker Meeting House on Thursday evening to share information and tips on how to manage community buildings.

Who knew managing waste was such a minefield!

Luckily we had Martin from RISC to facilitate discussion and to share his expertise. Everyone present appears to receive different services from RBC. We have since followed this up and yes RBC does treat each community building individually, considering how close the building is to the town centre and how much space there is around it.

The network heard presentations from a green insurance broker Naturesave Insurance and an energy broker Kingdom Utilities who facilitate bulk purchase of energy for charities.

And finally John and Chris from the Reading Climate Change Board introduced the Boards new funding opportunity, open to any group who want to explore or carry out activity of potential environmental benefit. Pots of up to £2,000 are available and the application form will be very straight forward.

Key points and links for further information.

Mathew Van Den Elst – Naturesave Insurance

Mathew told the network about the ethos of Naturesave and why they are different to other insurance brokers.

They return 10% of premiums via grants to projects through the Naturesave Trust. Groups can also apply for a free Environmental Performance Review. Information on the cover they provide – http://www.naturesave.co.uk/charity-insurance/ For more information on specific projects they have funded to date – Projects Funded by Naturesave Trust.

The Naturesave Trust also helps to fund the ‘greening’ of Naturesave’s clients by paying for a surveyor to conduct an Environmental Performance Review (EPR) at their premises.  This not only helps these businesses and organisations to become more environmentally sustainable in their trading practices, but may also help them save money in the long run by reducing waste and cutting down on consumption.

If you are interested in applying for funding from The Naturesave Trust, please apply online or download the Naturesave Trust Application Form and return it to us, together with any information about your project which you think may be useful. For community renewable energy funding, please apply online or download the Community Renewable Energy Application Form.

Martin Mikhail – RISC

Martin facilitated a discussion on waste management.

Woodside – will collect, paper, cardboard & plastic free of charge – http://www.woodsiderecycling.co.uk/

Information on the duty of care and waste transfer notes –   http://www.reading.gov.uk/businesses/BusinessWasteandRecycling/responsibilities/

Thamesdown Recycling £52/month (ex VAT) – collect glass.

RBC free service – 1 x 240litre recycle bin collected every 2 weeks, plus 1 x 240litre refuse bin collected every week.

UK CIC collect cardboard for free if you are in the town centre: http://www.livingreading.co.uk/cardboard-collection

Free bags & collection from RBC – if you are based in the town centre and not allowed a bin you can have 100 bags for either recycling or refuse. [Another 100 bags for refuse will cost £2 per bag and extra recycling bags are £1.45 per bag.]


John David Vance – Kingdom Utilities

JD explained how Kingdom had enabled other voluntary groups and charities to group purchase their energy bills and get really good deals as a result.

If we were interested in doing something similar or individually we can obtain a fixed rate now and join whenever renewals came up.

For more information and contact details – http://www.kingdom-utilities.com/fulfillment.html

John Booth and Chris Rhodes – Reading Climate Change Board

John and Chris introduced their new funding opportunity open to any group who want to explore or carry out activity of potential environmental benefit. Pots of up to £2,000 are available and the application form will be very straight forward and will shortly be available here:


Rachel Spencer

RVA's CEO from June 2014