We need more team challenge projects from local organisations!


With Winter looming, RVA is looking to receive a new batch of potential challenge projects that we can match to groups of friends that are registering with our Team Challenges scheme.

Coordinator Simon Scaddan, who is a volunteer himself, says that “We have a great Summer getting some really worthwhile community gardening projects completed but we continue to get new teams signing up offering all sorts of skills.”

Talk to colleagues in your organisation to see who has ideas about something on the wish-list that would make a difference to your facilities or service if it could be tackled as a one-off project by a small groups of willing volunteers. Then let RVA know about it by registering the project online with us and Simon will be in touch.

If your idea isn’t very fully formed, it’s still worth looking at the registration form as it lists the things you will need to think about in structuring your challenge. And of course you can always drop Simon a line at teams@rva.org.uk and he will help you work it up into something we can take forwards.