Volunteer Awards 2019 – Lawrence Piddock

Zoe OKill
Author's position
RVA Community Journalist
Article date
31 May 2019
Primary interest
How long have you been volunteering with the Rising Sun and what do you do for them?

I’ve been a volunteer since 2005. I help out at the bar on band nights, serving drinks and talking to customers. I’ve helped out behind the bar at events such as Club Velocity and Here Comes the Sun [festival]. I do little bits and pieces for the website and Facebook, promoting what’s going on. I also help out with the programming team as well.

What made you start volunteering?

I moved to Reading in 1996. I used to pass by the Rising Sun on my way home sometimes. I turned up a year later, it was always a place very different from other places in Reading. I kept coming back, I got to know the people here and the people who did volunteering. One night one of the regular volunteers behind the bar needed some help so I stepped in. I’ve been volunteering here ever since.

What difference do you feel your volunteering has made?

Knowing I’m there ready and able to help, people know there’s one less thing to worry about and one more person to help out.

What do you feel you get out of your volunteering?

It’s nice to feel involved. It’s great when it’s been a busy night at the bar and then someone comes up to you and says ‘thank you’ or they leave a tip or want to find out more about the place. It’s nice to have something else to do other than the day job.

What word or phrase best describes how you feel about volunteering?

It sounds cliché but it gives you fulfilment and a purpose. If you’ve got the time and you have the energy to give and you’re happy to do it you can find a place to volunteer. Why not?