Too much to do? Let Henley Business School help

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Too much to do? Henley Business School might be able to help…

Getting the balance right between keeping an organisation running and thinking ahead can be difficult.  Allow Henley Business School to help.

Henley Business School will have small teams of MBAs looking for people-management projects to work on in October and early November this year. The assignment for their Managing People module requires them to work on a people issue and to come up with implementable recommendations. The MBA programme recruits mostly experienced managers from a number of sectors and skills. They will be supervised by tutors who have been experienced HR professionals and consultants during the project.

If you think you have a potential people-related project – for example, attracting appropriate staff/volunteers, rewarding and motivating them, or managing their performance – that may benefit from a fresh perspective, please email Dr Ann Parkinson, Associate Professor in Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour, to can discuss how Henley Business School could help you and in return make a contribution to the local community.