Supporting children who have a parent in prison

Article date
12 June 2018
Primary interest
Families and Parenting
Do you work with families or children who have a parent in prison?

Children Heard and Seen have trained volunteer mentors in Reading who can offer 12 months of 1-2-1 mentor support to children aged 9-16 who are referred to us.

Children of prisoners are:
  • more likely to have low school attendance
  • twice as likely to experience conduct and mental health problems, and less likely to do well at school
  • three times more likely to be involved in offending. 65% of boys with a convicted father will go on to offend themselves.
  • likely to feel isolated and ashamed, unable to talk about their situation because they are scared of being bullied and judged. 49% of the children we support have never spoken to anyone about a parent being in prison.

These children are in left in the shadows, their needs are often forgotten about, with devastating impacts. Despite their situation, they are locked out of the support they need to give a better chance in life.

Further information

If you work with a family who you think would benefit from the support of a volunteer mentor, please get in touch today. Email or call 07557 339258.