Speak up and be heard: Reading Physical Disability and Sensory Needs Partnership Network

Simone Illger, Community Journalist
Primary interest

If you have a physical, neurological or sensory impairment, join the Reading Physical Disability and Sensory Needs (PDSN) Partnership Network to have a say in how support and other services are delivered locally.

The network aims to improve quality of life and promote independence by helping to develop and improve the support and services for people with physical and neurological impairments or sensory needs.

About the network

The PDSN Partnership Network is made up of:

  • people who have a physical disability, neurological condition or sensory need
  • their carers and allies
  • staff from Reading Borough Council’s Adult Care and Wellbeing Team
  • representatives from local voluntary organisations.

We generally meet around four times a year and hold an annual event. We also arrange smaller, more focused meetings to look at specific issues identified by the group.

The network encourages those with physical disabilities and sensory needs, their carers and allies to:

  • speak up and be heard
  • get involved in decisions about service changes and improvements to ensure that services meet their needs
  • get involved in every stage of planning and developing new services
  • challenge attitudes and barriers which prevent people from accessing services.

The network:

  • is consulted with regards to services and anything else which affects local service users
  • plays an active part in training staff
  • links with statutory and voluntary organisations who support those with disabilities to ensure joined-up thinking and service provision
  • monitors plans to improve and develop services
  • ensures there is up-to-date information to help people make good choices about their health, care and other needs.
Further information

For further information, including minutes of past meetings please see the Reading Services Guide. Contact the Partnership Network via Nina Crispin, Information and Engagement Officer: pdsn@reading.gov.uk or 0118 937 2383.

It’s about making sure disabled people get services that work well for them.