Small grants for education and social & medical welfare

Alastair Dowlman
Primary interest
Funding and Fundraising

Featured in the June 2017 issue of Funding Digest is a small grants programme for small and medium Registered Charities aimed at achieving improvements in the areas of education & social & medical welfare.

The Newby Trust was formed with aim of achieving improvements in the areas of education and social & medical welfare. Alongside these aims the Trust also offers Special Category grants. The Special Category for 2017/18 is: smaller charities using sport or dance to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for disadvantaged young people. In recent years the Trust has given around £300,000 a year in grants to achieve these aims.

Grants are usually in the region of around £500 to £10,000. The Trust only supports applications from registered charities & has a preference to applications from small to medium sized organisations.

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