Rose Centre – it’s finally here

Article date
31 August 2017
Primary interest
Cultural identity

Reading Rose Centre is opening a monthly drop-in for women from FGM practising communities.

The drop-in opens on Friday 1st September 2017, and thereafter every first Friday morning of every month from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  There will be workshops, 1:1 sessions with a doctor, informal peer support, arts and crafts.  The sessions will provide opportunities to create new friendships, education and celebration of non-harmful cultural practices.

Venue: The Rose Centre, Gate House, Oxford Road Community Centre, Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 1AG

Currently the drop-in is not open to the public or service providers due to lack of funding.  However, when the Rose Centre secures adequate funding to open fully, there will be many more initiatives involving the wider community, public and service providers.

Please contact Victoria for more information 07903675676



Sarah Morland

As RVA's Partnership Manager, I seek and develop cross-sector partnership opportunities, facilitating communications between the voluntary sector and statutory agencies. I give advice and support on: planning, developing and promoting services and measuring impact.