Research into Arts and Cultural Activities in Reading

Article date
26 January 2016
Primary interest
Arts and Crafts

Could you contribute to a programme of research being conducted into arts and cultural activities in Reading?

  • Are you active in artistic and cultural activities and yet have little engagement with the arts sector?
  • Do you provide services in the Voluntary and Community Sector that uses the arts and culture?
  • Are you an active member of a community or group, but have little information of opportunities in the arts?
  • What do you think makes giving advice, information and communicating more accessible and inclusive?

If so, please complete this short survey that will inform the Arts Sector and Arts Council England what you recommend as best engagement with the Voluntary and Community Arts Sector in Reading.  Please click below as appropriate:  – for community organisations/groups and individuals  – for infra structure organisations providing services to other groups and organisations

If you have any questions please contact Monika Richards on 077 303 391 45 or email

There is also a lunchtime Round Table Discussion event being hosted at RISC on 1 February if you would like to get more involved. See the details here

Research and Consultancy on behalf of Farnham Maltings and Arts Council England

Annette Haworth

RVA's chair