Relocating mental health services – RBC consultation open until 28 December 2018

Primary interest
Proposed relocation and review of Focus House services

Reading Borough Council (RBC) provides mental health supported living accommodation – known as Focus House services – to a number of residents within Reading. RBC is looking to provide better facilities and improved living conditions for the residents of 14 Castle Crescent and 16 Castle Crescent and to ensure that the service is able to continually benefit people into the future.

The council are looking to relocate the service to a more suitable building and are taking this opportunity to review the future aspirations of the service. RBC want to find out what is important to staff, residents, and those interested in mental health services in Reading – and to offer an appropriate level of choice and control in the future. They are running the consultation specifically to gather views on the proposed relocation and to shape the service’s future direction.

If you work with with people who have mental health needs, RBC want to work with you more closely to shape mental health and wellness services in Reading. As a first step, they are keen to share their ideas and gather your thoughts through this consultation.

The consultation is open until Friday 28 December 2018. Find out more and take part in the consultation here.